Bauman double murder trial: ‘Red staining’ found under carpet in bedroom

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He was separately charged with killing an 18-year-old Illinois woman, Tricia Pacaccio, whose father found her fatally stabbed on. a back window and spotted what he thought were red wine stains on.

‘Black Widow’ murder trial begins. who said Ms. Rudin hired him a few weeks earlier to remove a mattress and the bedroom carpet. The carpet had a gooey brownish-red stain and smelled mildewy, Mr. Lobato told the grand jury, and he noticed blood on a framed photograph of Ms. Rudin above the.

The son of a California real estate tycoon has been found guilty of the gruesome and brutal murder of his Ukrainian fiancee, who had given birth to his daughter just weeks before. Blake Leibel, a.

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The police found stains on Barnabei’s waterbed and on one of the bedroom walls, and a damp, red stain was discovered beneath a carpet. Stains also were found on the surfboard which was retrieved from Patton’s bedroom. In addition, the police recovered a handwritten note which stated, "Women just don’t get it."

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Ashton Kutcher is preparing to take to the witness stand to testify against a man suspected of the grisly murder of the actor’s then-girlfriend.. at Gargiulo’s trial. on the red carpet by.

Police also found a metal dumbbell weight with red stains consistent with blood. Police later found Joan Morane’s body in a trash dumpster near her front door. Arizona Dept. of Corrections

Their glowing young faces have haunted this trial. In their red football shirts, with their eager gaze, they stand under a clock. t set out to commit murder, but having killed one he had to kill.

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Bauman double-murder trial: Expert used imitation blood in test. Under the carpet they found a 3-by-5-foot section of plywood floor painted white.. police found "red staining," she said.

The socks found in O.J. Simpson’s bedroom bore traces of blood from O.J. Simpson and his ex-wife Nicole, who was one of the murder victims. crime scene reconstruction and the presence of bloodstains and patterns in the scene are very important considerations in the crime scene search process.