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Optima Tax Relief is a tax resolution company who whose team of tax pros works on your behalf to help resolve your tax-debt situation. In conversations we had with company founder and CEO Dave King, he told us what makes Optima different from other companies like it is that they take a customer-centered approach.

You have the right to be represented when dealing with the IRS, whether it be by an enrolled agent, CPA or attorney. The Right to a Fair and Just Tax System. You have the right to a tax system which considers all of the facts and circumstances in your situation fairly and which provides for a just result.

Quiz 1 and 2 taxes. study. play.. You will ____ owe more tax if the IRS examines your tax return. Benefits Received. One criteria of tax fairness is based on the assumption that people should pay taxes in rough proportion to what they receive in government goods and services. Fairness.

Finding Pooling and Servicing Agreements is Key to Killing Your Foreclosure Case. 727-954-8752. The Pooling and Servicing Agreement can be a stand-alone document or it can be. i to am serviced by one west with everything the same as you.

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How To Fight The IRS.. You can attempt to negotiate with the Examiner. Or you can try to make a better deal with the IRS Appeals Office. Or you can take the IRS to court. In fact, you can take all of these steps, or any combination of them, if you want.. The Tax Court has one huge.

is one of debtor and creditor . . . . [a]nd the duty owed for simple negligence is one of ordinary care."5 Indeed, "except in special circumstances, a bank does not have a fiduciary relationship with its borrowers."6 If, however, "there is a confidential relationship between a bank and its customer, a fiduciary obligation might be.

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Basically, you create a separate legal entity that owns and administers property for the benefit of certain beneficiaries. One or more trustees are appointed to administer the trust pursuant to the document’s precise instructions. They must adhere to the instructions at the risk of being held personally liable.

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