We didn’t rent our student houses — we bought them

Honestly, we didn’t do anything special to get here. We worked hard to save money and make extra money. Here are some of the things we did to eliminate our mortgage: We ate all of the food we bought at the grocery store. We live in a "tiny" house, a much smaller house than we could afford and made extra principal payments.

‘How building our dream home turned into a financial nightmare’ A FIRST-TIME buyer has told of how his dream first home turned into a nightmare when he realised the quality of the build was nowhere near up to scratch. Marco, 36, and his 25-year-old partner spent more than four years saving up to buy their first home and moved into their new-build on the maple park estate in Stanford-le-Hope on its.

Our rent was $1,675 a month. We never upgraded to a nicer apartment or bought a car, so we ended up saving a lot. Grace: We never thought we’d be able to afford a house. Then, in 2016, I saw a.

"We could not have afforded to set up such a luxurious rental if we had continued to rent or even bought a starter home – and renting our house for a handful of months a year covers the costs of.

We didn’t rent our student houses – we bought them Undergraduates are becoming owners, and avoiding hefty stamp duty charges, thanks to ‘buy-for-uni’ loans Kate Palmer

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In hindsight, I’m so glad, because we ended up with a much better house for less money (though I didn’t realize it at the time). Both times we bought a home, we bought less than a calculator (and certainly a realtor or a bank) would tell us we could afford. As a result, we’ve never lost sleep over our mortgage payments.

"We refinanced them to pull out our down payment and used my partners’ salary as an indicator of how much we can spend monthly on a mortgage without changing our lifestyle.". "We didn’t.

I haven’t intentionally been holding out on you, but for some reason, I never told you about two more houses we purchased in 2012. So, I guess now’s as good of a time as any. We bought two duplexes in 2012. So, we now own and manage five rental units (including the first single family rental we purchased and renovated in 2009). Which is.

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Had they continued to rent, their cost of living would have been higher, especially because of the incremental yearly rent increases built into their lease. "We ended up buying a house. didn’t get.